Barrow Hill School and the Wood

Pam Davies remembers living in St John's Wood 1950 - 1970

I grew up in the Wood as we left Balcombe Street and moved to Robin House in November 1950 when I was 2 months old. In 1955 I  went to Barrow Hill school and  I remember Mr Porter (headmaster), along with Mr Jenkins and my teacher who was Mr David Nash.  I’m pretty sure the Secretary was Pamela. At Nursery school we had camp beds outside for rest time, then off to Robinsfield for infant school and back to Barrow Hill for Primary. Unlike most of my friends who later went off to the new Sarah Siddons I went to Marylebone Central. School and worked for Marks and Spencer before becoming a nurse, starting my training at St Mary’s Paddington.

My mother was fondly known as Mrs D to many of the local girls and boys and my father (Ted) was for many years the local milkman. We shopped at Pikes and Reeds across from De Walden buildings or at the Home and Colonial in the High Street, and my first Saturday job was in a shop called Babyland. I ‘m pretty sure Terry Farmer (think his sister was Linda) was often at our place with my elder brother Jim.

I have wonderful memories of growing up in the Wood. I keep in contact with Mrs Egan(Mallard House) who must be one of the oldest residents still living there. I married, and have lived in Australia now for nearly 35 years. I love living here but always on our return home my children and grandchildren make a special trip down memory lane to visit The Wood. I thank you for sharing all these memories that are on the website – I thoroughly enjoyed them all.


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  • So sorry to hear of your brother Jim’s passing from such a terrible disease. Good to know that you are enjoying life in Oz. I remember your family at Robin House. How’s Tom these days does he still live in the Wood ?

    By David Hussey (26/01/2023)
  • Such fond memories – sadly very few comments these days:: For those who do remember my Brother Jim, sadly Jim died of Parkinson’s disease last year .

    By Pam Bishop née Davies (16/01/2023)
  • I was at Barrow Hill during the 50’s from about 1953. Head Master was Mr Porter and the Head Teacher was Mrs Saddler. She had taught in Calcutta and she was brilliant. Had a daughter.
    Another Teacher was Mrs Cramel. Italian I think with a heavy accent.
    Other kids in Mrs Saddler’s class were Monica Mears, Sanjib (huge Indian kid), Carlo Pook, Garth Stokes, John Veral (who sadly was killed in the Finchley Road on his push bike, he was hit by a Bus). His mother never ever got over it. She would often come in Dads shop late in the evening.

    By JOHN BROWN (24/08/2021)
  • Linda
    I too remember the twins Colleen and Geraldine, their Father was a policeman and their Mother gave me my very first taste of coffee ( Chico) I think. They lived next door but one to Mr and Mrs French (also a Policeman)whose son’s name was Paul, and then there were the Kenwards who also had twin boys.
    Goodness I only check this site occasionally but such very fond memories when I do.
    To each who have added their little bit I say thank you and hopefully you and others will continue adding and bringing back the very special memories and moments of our years gone by.

    By Pam nee Davies (22/08/2019)
  • I went to Barrow Hill school in the 1950s and was friends with twins Coleen and Geraldine Gavin who lived in Robin House. Also Susan Goodchild. My last teacher was Mrs Sadler. I have a photo of my class when I was about 6, and my teacher was Miss Moses.

    By Linda Hay (Rabin) (30/04/2018)
  • I was at Barrow Road school in the 1950s and would love to hear from Ann and Eileen Murphy who were twins, then living in the Aquila street prefabs.

    By Margaret Tucker ( Thomas) (28/03/2018)
  • My mother went to Barrow Hill School back in the 20s and 30s. Any information about it in that time period would be treasured.

    By Karen (02/01/2018)
  • We have information about Barrow Hill School in the First World War and in the 1930s and after but I am afraid nothing much in the 1920s – is there any chance you could write something for us about your mother’s time there? I am sure the school would be pleased to help you in any way they could.

    By Bridget Clarke (04/01/2018)
  • Pam next time you speak to your brother Tom do give him my regards, I haven’t seen him for many years.

    By Terry Farmer (26/09/2016)
  • Hi Terry,yes of course it was Vic Shepperd who was friends with Jim, and you of Tom. We are all scattered around the world now. Hope you and yours are are well, sorry it took so long to reply I hadn’t checked the site for ages.Regards Pam


    By PAM BISHOP (15/09/2016)
  • Pam, was your dad a milkman? Last I heard of Tommy was that he had a part in Eastenders. Does he still live in the Wood? Think only Mike Hunt lives there now as the head groundsman at Lords.

    By David Hussey (22/09/2015)
  • Hi Pam, yes you are right my sister’s name is Linda, but I was friends with your brother Tom, while Jim was friends with my brother-in-law Vic Shepperd.  I remember your home well, the door was never locked, and there was very often a cup of tea on offer. 


    By Terry Farmer (22/07/2015)

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