Images of St John's Wood churchyard

Watercolour of Henry Bone's tombstone in St John's Wood burial ground, painted by Thomas Gosden
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Joanna Southcott (1750-1814), religious prophetess drawn by Jane Townley and engraved by William Sharp in 1812. Joanna Southcott is buried at St John's Wood Chapel
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View of children's playground at St John's Wood Churchyard, with the gravestone of Samuel Godley in the foreground, 1955
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View of children's playground at St John's Wood Churchyard in 1951. The girl in the coat is now Mrs Chapman and she is with her friend Glenda. They lived in Winchelsea House, on the corner of Lisson Grove and St Johns Wood Road. Photograph by by H Doeling
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  • I visited this afternoon and the shelter with the seats where Mum used to read a library book while I played is still there …

    But – where’s the tree trained over to form a wigwam ?!

    Very disappointed to see that it has gone !!

    By Wallace Brown (03/03/2021)
  • Any memories which you would like to write about would be greatly appreciated.
    Do make contact if you would like to write something.
    Jane Leaver

    By Jane Leaver (26/04/2021)
  • I lived in Lisson Grove and went to Barrow Hill School from 1951-1957. I walked through what we called the Burial Ground every day going to school, and stopped to play most days on the way home. Lovely to see this picture.

    By Molly Turner (25/11/2013)
  • Yes, Glenda Liggins. Lived on 1st or 2nd floor. We lived on ground floor. Fry family lived on 1st floor. Vera ?? lived in flat above us, her Dad was Fred ?? He was a bus driver. Mr & Mrs Gordon lived at No 1 – opposite the stairs to upper floors.

    By Mrs D Chapman (17/01/2013)
  • My name is Glenda. I lived at Winchelsea House in 1951 and I would have been 3 years old at the time. My family then moved from St John’s Wood to Boreham Wood and then to Australia in 1961. I wonder if Mrs. Chapman knows anything about her friend Glenda’s family so that I can establish whether that Glenda in the photo is indeed me.

    By Glenda (13/01/2012)
  • What a shock – that’s me in the coat by the swings with my friend Glenda. We lived at Winchelsea House, corner of Lisson Grove & St John’s Wood road.

    By DM Chapman (08/06/2011)

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