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Bridget Clarke

The name of the boxer who ran the pub up until it closed was a Mr. Ron Reeder. I met Ron when I migrated to Australia on the SS Ranchi in 1951. I was sixteen and Ron about eighteen. Ron was a big, friendly steward who served me large orange drinks, nice and cold, in the tropics.

Ron, however, was more interested in my seventeen year old sister Margaret and they became friends, and later friends of the whole Stevenson family.

Ron was an amateur heavyweight boxing champion, spoke with a “cockney accent”(to my Scottish ears anyway). Ron was very successful as a steward and in his early twenties he was the head barman on the grand passenger ship The Himalaya and later The Arcadia. My sister was not interested in forming a permanent relationship with Ron but he continued to meet with our family in Melbourne, and our family with him, when any of us visited  London.

My father, Dan Stevenson, and Ron, in later years, had a common interest in the Masonic Lodge and we were all sorry to hear  that Carrington’s was closing down the pub and Ron was to seek refuge at another pub, also in London

Ron’s life was sport and he loved to meet the Australian cricketers and swop stories. He was friendly with Keith Miller and Ray Lindwall who used to patronise the pub when in London playing at Lord’s.

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  • Hi TONY you probably won’t remember me – my name is Greg and I worked for your dad in Chigwell in the shop. He was a great person to work for – he took me to the boxing to see Bruno Wembley dogs and various public houses in Essex visiting his friends. I heard he passed away but missed the funeral a long time ago now. I still think of those days with fun and laughter. The last time I saw Ron he invited me up to the odd spot club he had in Conduit Street. All the best to you, Greg

    By Greg (31/07/2021)
  • Good afternoon Claire , nice to see you reply and chuffed to think Dad’s name lives on . I have now come out of the pub, however my son Matthew and his business partner Michael have now taken it on . Matthew is quite a accomplished chef and has turned it into more of a food destination. They are doing very well considering the times we are in ??
    I still live in the town and regularly visit so should you be in the area it would be nice to meet up and talk about old times .
    Take care of yourself .
    Kindest regards Tony

    By Tony Reeder (19/10/2020)
  • Hello Tony,
    Are you still at the Silver Cup in Harpenden? My uncle knew your dad Ron very well (Randall Jones) and many of my family used to go to the Knights in London.

    By Clare Farrow (10/08/2020)
  • I remember you Antony and remember those old days with Ron. Me? Well I am now eighty one years old and doubt if I’ll see London again. BUT you never know I might make the silver cup one day,

    By Alistair Stevenson (15/09/2017)
  • I am Ron’s son Anthony and remember your dad (Dan) fondly .  My father passed away in true English form on the 23rd April 1994 St George’s Day . I have followed in my Dads footsteps and now run my own public house in Harpenden. The Silver Cup . If you’re ever near pop in and meet me,  it would be great to chat about old times .  

    By Tony Reeder (19/05/2014)
  • Ron died about twenty years ago.

    By alexander stevenson (23/02/2014)
  • i was great friends with Ron having served in the merchant navy with him ,do you know where he is now ?

    By Maurice Hollands (03/03/2013)

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