Primrose Hill after the war

My parents lived in London, on Albert Street, I believe, before the War. My Dad joined the RAF and my Mum and brother left London to live in Blackpool. A lot of women, especially those with children, left London to live in places like Blackpool which was an ideal location as the warplanes did not bomb Blackpool, instead they flew in using the Blackpool Tower as a landmark to turn towards Liverpool to do their damage. So, I was born in St. Annes-On-Sea in a hotel converted to a hospital during the war. We returned to London in 1945 to live on Princess Road. Primrose Hill was my favourite play place. I always wondered what that big round hole up on the top of the hill was for. And, I’m glad to confirm my suspicions that there were anti-aircraft guns on top of Primrose Hill. There didn’t appear to be a lot of bomb damage to the area, a couple of houses on Regent’s Park Road, which I couldn’t resist exploring. The images of the hanging staircase that didn’t touch the floor are still in my mind and the plaster bare walls with the lath showing.

I went to Princess Rd. School (Primrose Hill School) until 1952 when we emigrated to Canada. The headmaster was Mr. Clayton and my teacher for the last three years I attended was Miss Thomas, a lovely Welsh lady and an excellent teacher. On my first trip back to the U.K., I went into Primrose Hill School. Miss Thomas and Mr. Clayton had retired. The headmaster phoned Miss Thomas and we had a delightful chat, that was in 1964.

My Mum was a dinner lady for several years. I have a photo of all the ladies going on a day bus trip. My Mum is standing 7th from left wearing a black hat and her friend is kneeling in front of her, both wearing dark suits.

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  • My mother, Louisa Morris, is kneeling second from left next to Mrs Hughes. I also recognise Mrs Waters, Mrs Brown and Mrs Broad. I was at this school 1945 to 1951.

    By James Morris (14/12/2022)

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