BEL ABBEY Cricket Club

BEL ABBEY cricket club was formed  around 1948 and most of their games were played at Canons Park.  I presume the name came from a mixture of Belgrave Gardens and Abbey Road.
The team photo shows my father Stan Foote (back row 3rd from right),  my uncle (Dad’s brother)(front row 3rd from left) next to him is Dougie Radcliffe, then his brother and my godfather Jimmy Radcliffe (back row 2nd from right ).
I have other team mates names but am unable to match them with the photo .  I have most surnames covering a period of 4 to 5 years – T WRIGHT, G COX, R BRIGHT, P SHARP , P DAVIS, ALLEN, N MAULE, JENN, A ELLIOT, N MARVEL, to name but a few maybe there were more.  If anyone knows anymore or recognises a relative please let us know as memories are all we have.  Thanks in advance and if this has brought back happy memories for you you are welcome.

PAUL FOOTE brought up in Bolton Road

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  • Paul, Arnold House School in Loudoun Road, used Canon’s Park for all their sport, plus the annual sports day, which was a big event. (Both my brothers were there from about ’49-’57.) They only stopped using it when they bought, I believe, Hampstead Cricket Club in Lymington Road, which they still use.
    Maybe, the school archivist might know something. Worth a try.
    Jane Leaver

    By Jane Leaver (01/11/2022)

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