Belgrave Gardens

1939 - 49

I was born in Hampstead in 1939 but all my childhood memories are from living with a lot of my family in 19 Belgrave Gardens.

Our cellar was burnt out so nobody lived down there, but we lived on the ground floor. My mum’s younger sister lived on the next floor with her family, on the third floor was one of mum’s elder sisters with her daughter Pat, and the top floor was where Nan and Grandad lived , who had a large black kitchen range which was coal fired. 

We moved out of there in 1949 and moved to Carpender’s Park in Hertfordshire,  but I can still remember some of my mates names. There was Brian Sugg, Nipper Reece and Billy Newman, whose dad had a stall in Church Street Market.

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  • Also living in Belgrave were the Farrant family I think about 7 children, and Alan Froud who was a friend of my brother,John Hornigold. I had another brother Norman. Also Mary, Ruby and Violet Budd, Billy Dineen, and John and Pamela Mead. There was Carol Mitchell and Pamela Martin just to name a few. Do you remember any of them? I have photos of some of them.

    By Pearl nee Hornigold (18/11/2018)

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