Belgrave Gardens

1939 - 49

I was born in Hampstead in 1939 but all my childhood memories are from living with a lot of my family in 19 Belgrave Gardens.

Our cellar was burnt out so nobody lived down there, but we lived on the ground floor. My mum’s younger sister lived on the next floor with her family, on the third floor was one of mum’s elder sisters with her daughter Pat, and the top floor was where Nan and Grandad lived , who had a large black kitchen range which was coal fired. 

We moved out of there in 1949 and moved to Carpender’s Park in Hertfordshire,  but I can still remember some of my mates names. There was Brian Sugg, Nipper Reece and Billy Newman, whose dad had a stall in Church Street Market.

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  • Our family moved into 29 Belgrave Gardens in 1948 from Ireland. I was three. I recall a handsome, big apartment, a cold-water flat with a sink on the landing outside the kitchen. It had enough space to house some lodgers to help pay the rent, in house-poor London after the war. Jack Kelsey and his wife Vi Lyons lived downstairs. I don’t remember who else was in the house.

    I see the name Nipper Reece in the original post. Nipper must have moved from Belgrave Gardens. Very athletic, a big tomboy, I ran into Nipper when we lived on Goldney Road in Paddington in the 1950s.

    By James Harvey (23/08/2023)
  • Lived at 13 Belgrave Gardens late 80’s early 90’s – nannying for Jeff and Sue Banks. Loved it. Loved the Italian deli and the lovely guy who ran it.

    By Abi Lister (19/10/2022)
  • My mum, born Annie-May Dineen, lived at 39 Belgrave Gardens, from the 1940s to early 60s. Her mum and dad, Molly and Bill Dineen, lived upstairs and her brother and sister, Bill and Margaret, also lived in the same street. They knew the Hornigolds, the Mitchells (Margaret married Chris Mitchell), the Budds and many other people mentioned in this thread. It’s been lovely for her to read about all these memories. Many thanks!

    By Debbie King (28/08/2021)
  • Hi Janet thanks for getting in contact with me.
    When I first found this site it bought back many happy memories of our families and friends and of my time in the Wood. When we had to move because of the redevelopment we moved to Camden town but Dad still worked as a postman until his retirement. I joined him at Lodge Road in 1972 so still had a connection with the Wood. I too have a few photos that I would like to share with you if I can. One in particular of the christening at St Augustines church which shows all the women and I remember some of the names but not all .If possible can you contact me at paulfoote595@gmail and I can send photos to you and maybe add some more memories that I can share with you and my eldest sister Carol -thanks again take care

    By Mr Paul W Foote (24/08/2021)
  • Paul -you have the right Mitchell family. We lived on the top floor flat at 37. Dad’s sister Connie and her husband Peter Bent lived in the floor below. Dad passed away in 2015 and Mum in 1999 . I don’t remember your mum and dad as I was only very young when we moved to Buckinghamshire. I know the names as Dad spoke fondly of them and the great parties they had. I have a few photos which I think are your mum and dad.
    You are right – Bill and Betty lived in Aquilla street. Jim moved to Buckinghamshire and lived in the same town as Mum and Dad for many years.Sadly all my aunts and uncles have died apart from Chris and his wife Margaret. As you can imagine with a large family I have numerous cousins.

    By Janet (22/08/2021)
  • Hi Janet – regarding the Mitchell family if I have the right family then your parents were good friends of my mum and dad Dolly and Stan Foote and all of our family . We lived at 40 Bolton Road and my dad was a postman in St Johns Wood until he retired at 65 . Dad passed away in 1987 and Mum passed away in 2014. There was a family round the corner at 39 I think whose surname was Bent – maybe I’m wrong but Peter Bent springs to mind – please contact me here if this rings a bell. Also I remember Jimmy Mitchell who was my late sister’s godfather and also Bill and Betty Mitchell who lived in or moved to Aquilla Street

    By Mr Paul W Foote (26/07/2021)
  • Janet – I lived in no 35 and was a friend of Carol as we were the same age. All the children mentioned would play outside in the street – marbles, skipping, whipping beer tops, rounders and cricket using a dustbin as wicket. The boys would let us girls field for them. My mother organised with other mums the Victory street party and fancy dress.

    By Pamela (13/05/2021)
  • My dad Peter Mitchell lived at 37 Belgrave Gardens. Carol was his younger sister and Brian Sugg was his best man when he got married. sadly Dad and Carol have passed away but Dad’s twin brother Chris is still alive. I remember Dad talking about a Mrs Hornigold.

    By Janet (29/09/2020)
  • Yes Pearl we were friends, and Carol too. I always remember Carol’s older sister making us paper cones with precious sugar and cocoa powder and we licked our fingers after dipping them in. Sweets were rare.

    By Pamela (11/10/2019)
  • Also living in Belgrave were the Farrant family I think about 7 children, and Alan Froud who was a friend of my brother,John Hornigold. I had another brother Norman. Also Mary, Ruby and Violet Budd, Billy Dineen, and John and Pamela Mead. There was Carol Mitchell and Pamela Martin just to name a few. Do you remember any of them? I have photos of some of them.

    By Pearl nee Hornigold (18/11/2018)

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