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Jeanne Strang


Allitsen Road

Frances M. Allitsen, composer, lived nearby (Queen’s Terr) 19th C

Abbey Gardens

14       Margaret Hubicki, composer 20th C

Abbey Road

Neville Court, named after Neville Challoner, musician 19th C

8        Noel Eadie, soprano 20th C,      Dora Labbette, soprano 20th C

3        EMI Recording Studios 20th C

St. Michael’s villa Alan Foley aka Giacomo Foli, opera singer 19th C

?        Barton McGuckin, Irish tenor, 19th C

27      Zelia Trebelli, opera singer 19th C

?        Isabel Jay, opera singer/actress 19th C

?        Ben Davies, Welsh tenor 20th C

29      Edna May (Pettie), US actress and singer 20th C

31e    Percy Heming, baritone 20th C

14 Mortimer Court    Walter Legge, record producer and Nancy Evans, mezzo 20th C

37 Lyndenhurst     Lansdowne Cottell, conductor St John’s Wood Society of  Musicians 19th C

54    Madame Cipriani, singer and teacher 20th C

58     John and Audrey(née Mildmay) Christie, opera producers 20th C

58     Edward Downes, conductor 20th C

“       Miss Harbutt, Australian singer 20th C

62    James Henry Mapleson, opera impresario, 19th C

Abercorn Mews

?       Boy George (George O’Dowd), singer/song-writer 20th C

Abercorn Place

1a Studio   Harriet Cohen, pianist 20th C

16     Sgr Luigi Denza, composer, 19th/20th C

Acacia Gardens

3       Edric Cundell, singer 20th C

Acacia Road

23     Roger Quilter, composer 20th C

25    Karl Rankl, conductor 20th C

43a  Bernard Miles, actor, impresario 20th C

Avenue Close

38   Dame Marie Tempest. soprano and actress 20th C

Avenue Road

46     Benno Moiseiwitsch, pianist 20th C

55     Dame Marie Tempest, singer and actress 20th C

Blenheim Road

13     Sir Charles Santley,  baritone 19th C

16     Solomon (Cutner),  pianist 20th C

Blenheim Terrace

44     David Atherton, conductor 20th C

52     Dr Florence Windebank, music teacher 20th C

Boundary Road

?      Ella Russell, US soprano 19th C

21    Richard James Pitcher, organist 20th C

Carlton Hill

8    Dame Myra Hess, pianist 20th C

41    Margaret Hubicki, composer 20th C

70    Dora Labbette, soprano 20th C

72a  Leonard N Fowles, organist 20th C

Cavendish Avenue

2     Joan Cross, soprano 20th C

Sir Paul McCartney, singer/song-writer 20th C

?    Billy Fury (Ronald Wycherley), pop singer 20th C

Cavendish Close

23   Dame Myra Hess, pianist 20th C

Circus Road

39   Sir Thomas Beecham, conductor  & Lady Beecham (Betty Humby), pianist 20th C

Clifton Hill

21   Percy French, composer 19th C

53   Christopher West, opera producer 20th C

105  Sir Arthur Somervell, composer 20th C

Elm Tree Road

11    Mrs Emmie Tillett, concert agency director 20th C

Max Jaffa, violinist & bandleader and wife

Jean (née Gluckstein) Jaffa, known professionally as Jean Grayston,  contralto 20th C

Finchley Road

27   Lillian Nordica, US soprano 19th C

57 Villa Favart     Florence St John, soprano 19th C

?     Sofia Scalchi, Italian operatic contralto 19th C

Greville Road

36   Maria Korchinska, Russian harpist 20th C

Grove Road (now Lisson Grove)

?    Malibran, Spanish mezzo-soprano 19th C

Grove End Road

8  Acomb Lodge  Harold Craxton , pianist/composer 20th C and daughter

Janet Craxton, oboist 20th C

23   Joseph Joachim, violinist 19th C

31   Sir Thomas Beecham, conductor and Lady Beecham   (Betty Humby), pianist 20th C

40  Loudoun Hall (site of St John and St Elizabeth Hospital)

Teresa Tietjens, German soprano 19th C

Eyre Arms Tavern Assembly Rooms

St John’s Wood Oratorio Concerts,  conductor Mr. Frank Mori

Hall Road

5     Sir Edward German, composer 20th C

Hamilton Close

4     Lord Mervyn Horder, composer/publisher  20th C

5     John Joel, concert agent   20th C

Hamilton Gardens

44   Algernon Ashton, composer 20th C

Hamilton Terrace

5    Sir Charles Santley, baritone 19th C

William Whitehouse, cellist 20th C

10  Sir Charles Mackerras, orchestral conductor & Lady Judy  (née Wilkins), clarinettist 20th C

14   Hans Wessely,  Austrian violinist 19th C

Philip Jones, trumpeter  20th C

16   Raymond Leppard, conductor and harpsichordist 20th C

20   Sir George Alexander MacFarren, composer 19th C

30   Theodore Lierhammer, Polish baritone 19th C

36   William Shakespeare, professor of singing, 19th C

40   Kathleen Ferrier, contralto 20th C

Gerald Moore, piano accompanist 20th C

42   Dame Maggie Teyte, lyric soprano 20th C

45   Lily Henkel, pianist 20th C

48  John Boosey, music publisher 19th C

51   Imogen Cooper, pianist 20th C

55   Norman Salmond,  baritone  19th C

Felix Salmond, cellist 19th C

64   Carolina Geisler-Schubert, pianist 19th C

72   Lady Jessie Wood, companion to Sir Henry Wood 20th C

76   Eugene Goossens, conductor/composer 20th C

91   Sir Frederick Cowen, composer 20th C

93   Gerald Finzi composer 20th C

121 Lord Harewood, opera administrator with 2nd wife Patricia Tuckwell, violinist 20th C

137  Jennifer Vyvyan, soprano 20th C

147  Phyllis Spurr, accompanist 20th C

Upper Hamilton Terrace  (now incorporated into HamiltonTerrace)

32    Thomas Beecham, conductor and Mrs Utica Beecham 20th C

Langford Close

5    Sir Robert Mayer, concert promoter and Dorothy (née Moulton) Mayer, soprano 20th C

Langford Place

3     Dame Marie Tempest, soprano 19th C

Ada Crossley, Australian singer 20th C

4c   Sir Robert Mayer, concert promoter and Dorothy (née Moulton) Mayer, soprano 20th C

12   Pauline Donalda, Canadian prima donna 20th C

??  Gervase de Peyer, English clarinetist & conductor 20th C

Loudoun Road

?     Ella Russell, US soprano 19th C

15   Natasha Litvin, pianist, 20th C

Marlborough Hill

33   Arthur Friedheim, Russian pianist, 19th C

?    Ella Russell, US soprano 19th C

44  Dora Labbette, soprano 20th C

Marlborough Place

9    Zelia Trebelli, French mezzo-soprano 19th C

24  Antoinette Sterling, US contralto 19th C

59  Anne Wood, contralto, Joanna Peters, singing teacher 20th C

59c  Benjamin Britten, pianist, conductor,composer and Peter Pears, tenor 20th C

8 The Lane   Sir Arthur Bliss, conductor and composer 20th C

Ordnance Hill

44 studio    Humphrey Searle, composer 20th C

Park Road

?     François Joseph Dizi, Belgian harpist and conductor 19th C

Prince Albert Road

22 Portland Terrace (now North Gate)

Richard Wagner , German composer 19th C

Queen’s Terrace

10    Ernest Crampton, composer 20th C

St Ann’s Terrace

21   Marc Wilkinson, Australian composer 20th C

St John’s Wood High Street

45a   Benjamin Britten, composer and Peter Pears, tenor 20th C

St John’s Wood Park

?    Walter Hyde, tenor 20th C

10   Louise Kirkby Lunn, contralto 20th C

?    Humphrey Searle, composer 20th C

St John’s Wood Road

14  Arthur Hinton, composer 20th C married to

Katharine Goodson, pianist 20th C

37  Agnes Nicholls, soprano married to

Sir Hamilton Harty, Irish conductor 20th C

37   George Weldon, conductor 20th C

66   Sir William Sterndale Bennett, composer 19th C


15 St John’s Wood Court,

George Baker, baritone, married to Olive Groves, soprano 20th C

Wellington Road

?   Fanny Davies, pianist 19th C

52 Sir Paolo Tosti, Italian song composer 19th C

Woronzow Road

?   Geoffrey Burgon, composer 20th C


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