Social outings in the 1930s

Men's social outing on boat, including men from St John's Wood, 1936
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Edward Parsons landlord of the Pitts Head, 74 Henry Street with a group of men prior to going on an outing, 1935.From left to right: Back row - Richard Carroll, Steven Jordan, ?, Nobbler Lake, William Jordan, ?, Tom Beddows, Ben Skinner, ?, Ike Clarke, Knight, Edward Parsons jnr, ?, (Driver) Middle Row: ?, Tim Rice, ?, Edward Parsons snr, Robert Culverhouse, ?, George Rumble, Walter Rumble, ? Front Row: ?, James Ford, Perry, John Rumble, Arty Goff, Goodyear, Jerry Clements, George HardingNorman Harnden front row extreme right
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Landlady of the Pitts Head, 74 Henry Street with a group of men prior to a social outing. From left to Right - Back Row: Knight, Walter, Rumble, ?, ?, ?, [Diver], Ben Skinner, ?, "Nobbler" Lake, Tom Beddows. Middle Row: ?, Arty Goff, William Goff, Mrs Parsons, Edward Parsons jnr, ?, ?. Front Row: Ike Clarke, James Ford, John Rumble, George Rumble, Perry, Richard Carroll
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  • Does anybody from the Wood remember the Poulton family who lived in St. John’s Wood Terrace? My name is Kenny ,there was Johnny, Victor, Edna and my mum Lizzie. Please contact me on my mobile 07958564945 for a memorable chat about the fabulous times we had in the Wood. What a different world today compared to the olden days, in the 50s and 60s. Life was totally different then. good times gone.

    By Kenny poulton (09/11/2020)
  • Lovely photos, it’s lovely seeing photos of the Rumble family . Walter Rumble is my great grandfather and until now I have not had any photos of the rest of the men. Thank you……is it possible to have copies

    By Carol King (29/06/2017)
  • Thank you for your comment on the website and we are so pleased you have found photos that are connected with your family. The photos were provided by Westminster Archives so it is probably best to contact them about copies – they have a very helpful website. Best wishes Bridget Clarke

    By Bridget Clarke (07/07/2017)
  • Hello Kenny, 

    Thanks a lot . I’ve forwarded your telephone number to June who was delighted when I told her about being in contact with the Poulton family !

    By Lorraine Dalgleish (10/10/2016)

    Dear Lorraine,  my sister Edna was your mums best friend. I knew all the Vincents who lived on ground floor flat on corner of Charlbert Street. They lived in Charlbert Court.  Our family lived at no 88 St. John’s Wood Terrace. Iif you see Sammy he used to hang about with Johnny,  my elder brother. If you want to know anymore about the Wood please contact me on 02084228395 and I will try and answer as many questions as I can, regards Ken Poulton

    By Kenny poulton (05/10/2016)
  • Sorry about the late response but I hadn’t visited this site for a long time ! Kenny, didn’t the Poulton family live on St John’s Wood Terrace ? We lived at number 72, my mum June nee Vincent and my dad Pat Campbell. June, Sammy and Primrose,( shortened to Prim) were Sam and Milbro ( Minny ) Vincent’s kids. Only my uncle Sammy still lives in the Wood. Does anyone have any memories or info about Charlbert Court where the Vincents went after being bombed out ?

    My grandfather Sam Vincent went to Barrow Hill school around 1919, then his children my mum, aunt and uncle Sammy went.My dad and his sisters Kathleen and Tessy also attended the same school. I was the last in the family to go there in the mid 1960s.I guess a lot of us “old locals”got priced out of the Wood, sad because there were deep roots there.

    Valerie, my mum June told me about the day Aquila Street was hit by a bomb during the blitz and she and the family were buried alive. Luckily they were all dug out along with the family cat.

    By Lorraine Dalgleish (20/01/2016)
  • I can recognise some of the surnames from the “Wood” but I also knew the Vincents. I believe Sammy still lives in Woronzow Road

    By John Simons (12/04/2013)
  • The front row of the Pitts Head photo incorrectly shows my Grandfather as George Harding his name was George Norman Harnden from Townsend cottages. I have a wedding photo to verify his likeness.

    By John Harnden-Taylor (27/11/2012)
  • I knew the vincents so well.June, Sammy and I think Claire. June was my sister’s best friend, I knew them when they lived in Charlbert Court.

    By kenny poulton (28/07/2012)
  • Lori, your comment of 2011 is so inspiring. You mention 2 of my familys’ names in your visit. I can add another to Aquila Street.

    By valerie foley (18/07/2012)
  • Would you know anything about the female orphanage in Grove Road, St. Johns Wood. My grandmother was an inmate there in 1911. Thank you for you time. Much appreciated

    By michael Hissey (14/05/2012)
  • This is fantastic, I wonder if its possible for me to obtain a copy of the above photo’s? As they contain the only photo I’ll have of my Great Grandfather and his family.

    By Lyn Barber (18/02/2012)
  • It is great to see photos of the Rumble family, an old local name in St John’s Wood, along with the Jordans (who ran the greengrocers) the Halls , the Bakers, and my Granddad the Vincents, and Harpers. Are there any photos out there of them circa 1911 to 1950 ? He and his family lived in Aquila Street (bombed in the war), and Charlbert Court, Charlbert Street.

    By Lori Dalgleish (10/07/2011)

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